Replacing the Repainted Windows

The windows and frames have now been painted and need to be put back together again, in the following video I show how I did this:

  1. Cut a piece of clear plastic to fit the window.
  2. Fit the clear plastic into the groves around the edge of the window.
  3. Place the piece of curtain wrong side up, against the opening edge of the grove on the window, carefully ease it into the grove.  Take care not to damage the curtain.
  4. [not shown] Using a hammer and a piece of wood gently tap the grove closed, use the piece of wood to protect the metal and give it a more even finish.
  5. Gently bend the little tabs on the window up a little so they can be fitted onto the tabs on the brown window frame.
  6. When in place bend tabs back over the pins so they are at right angles to the frame, again be very gently and take your time.
  7. Repeat the instructions for the other half of the window.

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