No.61 My New House

Here we go again, a new dolls house to add to my collection.  It needs slight renovation but all together in not too bad condition.  I bought this at an auction, the first one I have ever been to, so I was glad I had the highest bid.  I don’t really have room for another house but it looked so lonely I just had to have it, I will make room somehow, with a little rearranging.

The roof has been papered, so this will have to be stripped off, but the roof looks in quite good condition underneath.

The window frames need attention as they are a bit rusty, there are curtains at the windows, which I am very pleased about, as the other houses I have do not have any.  I can carefully remove them to tidy up the window frames.

I am not going to do anything to the inside of the house as it looks as if the wall and floor paper is original.



For more examples of Lines/Triang Dolls Houses, visit my Board on Pintrest:



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  1. Deaun says:


    I have been wandering the internet, searching for a page showing restoration of this model house. So glad to have found yours! I purchased a Triang 61 this afternoon, one that had be “tidied up” to the extent that only the sunporch and garage gave away its origins. I hope you will post more along the way!



  2. I am fairly sure this was the type of dolls house I had as a child. I was so pleased to learn more about it.


  3. Alice Keys says:

    This house makes me want to shrink down and live in it.


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