Green Wiggly Wallpaper

This is the most difficult wallpaper I have done.  I could only save scraps from the walls, and I could not see a pattern, it all looked very random.  First of all I scanned in the pieces I saved.

Studying the pieces I had, I tried to make a pattern out of them, using Photoshop I trimmed the pieces and gave each one its own layer.  I numbered each piece so it was easier to keep track of each section I was moving.  Once I had formed a pattern, I joined two pieces of the puzzle.together, to give a bigger area to work on.

After working out the pattern I then traced it up in layers.  The shaded square shows the pattern which is repeated, and can be joined together to make a complete sheet of wallpaper.

I selected a suitable back ground and built each part of the pattern up in separate layers.

Green Wiggles
White Squiggles
Pink and Green Dots

I have also been able to produce one of the other papers with a similar pattern but different colours.  Although I have managed to work out the patern of this wallpaper, I am not completely happy with it as it is too bright, with no ageing to it.  This is something I will have to work at.

Below I have added pictures of the two rooms in my Triang No.42 house that these wallpapers  came from.


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