Latest Addition No.62

This is the latest addition to my collection, a bit of a squeeze in the shed, but it will fit. I had originally bought this house to use for spares, but I fell in love with it and as the condition was quite good I have decided to keep it.  It even has its door knocker and letter box on the door, also the little window next to the door.

The windows on this house are very rusty, and the curtains are very thin, and faded, the metal window frames can be restored.  I will repair the curtains, and try to conserve them as best I can.

The previous owner of this house had fitted lights, notice the rather large switches in each room. The wire was very old and brittle, it will all have to be removed as it will not be safe.  It has wallpaper and floor paper, I am not sure if the wallpaper is original, but the wallpaper was put on before the floor paper as it is tucked underneath.

I am not sure how much restoration I will do on the house itself, the roof just needs repainting, and there is no sign of wood worm.  The outside paint is a bit thin and cracked, the flower painting is good, so I might approach this one in a different way.  I think I will clean it up first and see how I go from there.


For more examples of Lines/Triang Dolls Houses, visit my Board on Pintrest:




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