This is one of the wallpapers I have been working on for my Triang dollshouse No.42.


This is the room the wallpaper came from, it was very difficult to take it off in one piece and I had one reasonable size and lots of little bits.


I took a picture of the pieces I managed to put together.


Using Photoshop I began to tidy up the picture.


I had to join two pieces of train together to make one good one.




The finished wallpaper ready for printing.  I am quite pleased with the result.


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  1. Amanda Ward says:

    I just wanted to say I love your dollhouse renovations you are very talented and must have a lot of patience, I am busy restoring 2 triang houses and they are driving me mad the little windows I have managed to get the windows out of the frames but cannot get the old plastic out so I can paint both sides it appears to be rusted together and I am frightened I break them, I love the way you strip them down I have not taken any hinges out or dared not to take anything off it and have worked around everything, the lighting also has me totally baffled I have added two new pea bulb holders together with a transformer but they keep blowing they ended up in the bin, my poor grecon dolls are homeless and my daugher tell me hurry up and get it finishd she keeps showing me your renovations if only I had a shed I could move into probably be stuck there forever and a day with the triangs.


    1. I think you will be surprised how strong these little windows are. I go round the groove which holds the plastic with a small kitchen knife, gently easing the metal apart. It is then possible to remove the rust and any odd bits of plastic or material left from old curtains with a small dremmel tool. Most of the rust is only on the surface.


  2. Robin Lowe says:

    The end result is 100%. Good on you. I know how difficult it is to remove the paper and then try and patch it together so it can be photographed and then scanned into the computer. I’m impressed.


  3. wow! that takes dedication. Well done.


  4. Chris True.. says:

    Absolutely amazing. I have the Triang 42 in my garage needs attention. My mother’s cousin had it first then myself,then my daughter. I put modern paper on for my daughter!!. I will have to have a go and try to renovate it. It was a very loved house.


    1. Lee Higgins says:

      How lucky you are to have had it in the family for so long, it is nice to know the history of a house, and have such fond memories.


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