Making Triang Decals

l posted this on my blog in 2011…..

….’I found out by accident that I could remove the Triang Flower Decal using clear sticky vinyl. I had even cleaned them up gently by using paint remover on a cotton bud. You need to rub quite hard, and when you lift the sticky vinyl check that all the decal has lifted, if not place down and rub again to lift it. I don’t know if they will be useful once lifted, I have yet to find out. Watch this space….’

One year later, I did actually find out what I could do with the stickers. First I scanned each one, and then tidied them up in Photoshop. I was very pleased with the results.

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I then had to decide how to make these pictures into decals I could use for my Triang Houses. I loaded the pictures into Photoshop, and tidied them up, replacing damaged areas and enhancing the colours. I then had to find a way of making stickers.

My first idea was to just use plain white self adhesive, like the paper you use for labels, I printed the floral pattern on this and then gave it a coat of varnish. The result was quite good but the printing was not as crisp as I would have liked.

Then I tried a self adhesive clear vinyl paper [as seen in the video above], the results were good,and gave a good clear crisp finish. My main problem was that it took a few attempts to get the printer settings right, and I smudged it a few times. The ink took a while to dry and needed to be sealed with a fixative spray, I used a satin spray varnish. I was quite happy with the result and it was easy to peel the backing sheet and attach. I did find that after a while the edges of the decal began to curl up, and could have done with a little glue to hold then in place.

I was still not satisfied and really wanted to make proper waterslide decals. I then discovered water slide decal paper. You print your design on one side and then coat with layers of varnish. When the varnish is dry it is put in water to separate the decal from the backing sheet, you can then slide the decal off onto the surface you want to put it on. This method was quite effective, but very time-consuming, also it is difficult to get the layers of varnish correct, if too many the decal will not adhere to the surface, too less and it is too fragile. I was happy though that I had achieved my goal to produce a waterslide decal.

On trawling though the web tonight I discovered temporary tattoo paper, you just print your design on it and peel away the backing sheet. I am not sure how it will work with the wisteria tree as it is quite large, as the paper looks flimsy. I have purchased some of this paper, I will let you know the results.



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