Well I had to reorganise the Shed as I have a new dollshouse to restore, and here it is:

It is in a bit of a sorry state, but structurally it is sound.  The inside was decorated with normal standard house size paper, and carpet, I think it must have had a rabbit living in it, say no more.  The outside has been overpainted, and parts of the stickers are missing.  It does not show much signs of rust though.

This is the inside of the house with the walls partly striped and the carpets removed.

The roof is damaged on one side, but the other side is ok, I am not sure how I will repair this.  I might just tape it up neatly.

The house must have been secured with parcel tape at some time, this is the worst thing to use, as if it is left on for any length of time it is very difficult to remove without causing damage to the paintwork.

This corner shows the damage to the stickers and paintwork.

Showing the overpainting and peeling paint.

The door is missing.

Shed on the Pond


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