Her Majesty’s Little House

Its been a long time since I last blogged, the time passes so quickly. I have so many dolls house projects on the go, and as normal flit from one to another.  I was given the book below for Christmas [2014], I don’t own a Princess Dolls House at the moment, but I am sure I could make room for one.

The Princess Elizabeth dolls house was a copy of a Welsh cottage style playhouse which had been presented to the Princess on her sixth birthday in 1932, by the people of Wales.



The house was erected in the gardens of the Royal Lodge at Windsor Castle and was called ‘Y Bwthyn Bach’ which means The Little House. It has four rooms, including a kitchen and bathroom, all of which were furnished and had working appliances. It has its own front garden with scaled down hedges and flower borders.

There is a lovely website which gives a lot of information about the building of The Little House at Royal Lodge,  it is also interesting to go to the discussion board on The Royal Windsor Forum, it is fascinating to read.

Triang made a copy of the dolls house, which first appeared in 1939 and was in production until 1957. It came in two sizes, the larger having a garage, and with front opening or rarely a back opening.

A cut out book was also produced by Dean and Son published in 1952. It also contains a story about the house by Arthur Groom ‘A really wonderful Birthday gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she was a little Princess’.


Front Cover


Page 1


Page 2
Page 2


Page 3
Page 3


Page 4
Page 4


Page 5
Page 5


Cut out house with front


Cut out with front open
Cut out with front open

The above pages are cardboard folded and stapled in the middle is an insert telling the story:




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  1. Joy says:

    What a lovely book! I saw the real “Little House” on a TV special about the Royal family. Lucky you.


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