Completed No.77 Triang House

And here it is the No.77 is now complete, I am very pleased with myself. From a shell of a house fit only for the rubbish tip, I have created a Triang House good enough to live in again. I will put my Triang furniture in this, I also want to decorate it with reproduction Triang wallpaper, but that’s a job for another day. Most of the dolls houses I restore have been over painted or full of woodworm, rust or have suffered water damage. This one had it all, and more.




It is a difficult to decide whether or not to restore a doll’s house, or by how much. Collectors do like them in original condition, but many of mine have gone past that stage.  I have not increased the value by restoring them, but I have bought back to life a little girls dolls house, that would have provided her with many hours of play.  A house that a loving parent or grandparent had stored, unable to throw away such precious memories.  These houses are part of our social history, reflecting not only the toys children were playing with, but the design of houses and contemporary furniture, of days past.



For more examples of Lines/Triang Dolls Houses, visit my Board on Pintrest:



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  1. Robin Lowe says:

    That looks brilliant. There is an immense sense of satifaction in restoring one of these houses. I have done several and okay – collectors do like them in mint condition, but personally I like the idea that they have been well loved by their previous owners.


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