Princess 2 Kitchen

I have had a few thoughts about how to decorate and furnish this house. Furnishing it with Triang furniture would just be impossible as the rooms are so big, and the furniture would look so small. I want to make it look lived in with lots of bits and bobs around, as if someone had just left the room. I was thinking of making false walls and floors, in each room covering the original doors, and fireplaces so making each room a separate room box. I did a similar thing in my Stockbroker house and it worked quite well. It kept the original features intact, but gave more scope for decoration in each room.

Princess Kitchen

Above is a picture of the kitchen furniture, which I have distressed and altered, I think this is the look I am going for.  At the moment the walls are cream, and I am thinking of putting a patterned wallpaper on one wall, perhaps a bit retro. My initial thought for the furniture was shabby chic, perhaps pale blue and cream, but once again I was drawn to green. I think the green I have chosen fits with the style I am looking for. This is what happens an idea evolves in your mind, but changes when you realise you are not a pale blue or cream person.

I tried my idea of a false wall for the kitchen, but was not happy with the result. I have made the decision to keep the walls cream for the moment anyway. [But as you will see below I have changed my mind once again.]

Princess2 Floor

I was not quite sure what to use for a kitchen floor, a choice between tiles and floor boards. I tried to make kitchen floor tiles out of clay, but this was not successful at all, I just made a terrible mess. Fimo would have been better, but for such a large room it would just be too costly. So I decided on floor boards using lolly sticks, the ones I used were wider than a normal lolly stick and looked more like floor board size.

Princess2 Fire Place

I made a fire-place for the Aga to go in out of cardboard, and covered it with textured wallpaper to look like plaster.

Princess door

My second thought was to cover the doors in some way, and a door curtain came to mind. I found some suitable material and made curtain hooks with earring findings, which I then fitted onto a wooden pole, with beads at each end.

Princess 2 door

The above picture show the door curtain, which covers the door into the hall. I used jewellery findings for the curtain hooks, and fancy beads for the end of the wooden poles.

Princess2 door

On other side of the kitchen there is a door next to the sink. I had an old door which was painted black, I sanded it down and finished it with antique wax [my favourite] I can position it slightly open, and keep the original back door in place.

Princess2 wallpaper

You can see from the above pictures that I have now added wallpaper on two of the walls. I was going to keep the walls cream, but I felt the room lacked character.  The paper I have chosen was from a craft pack of paper I had.

There is still a bit more work to be done to achieve the look I am going for but gradually getting there.



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  1. Absolutely lovely – love the colour scheme


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