Triang Spot-On Furniture Box

I have been working for a while now on reproducing Triang Furniture Boxes. I have a few, but they are very faded, and torn, but there is enough to make a good reproduction.

My first effort was the Dining Room Chair Box. This box was in quite good condition, but as it was fixed along one side, I had to scan each side separately.

halfbox1 halfbox2

I then joined the two halves, together using Photoshop.


The box was then tidied up, checking the size of each edge would fit together when made up. Getting the lettering correct was quite difficult.


Once I was happy with my box template, it was printed off on to photo paper, as this was the stiffest paper I had available. Then I cut around the outside with a sharp knife, turned it over and scored in the fold lines.

box7The box was then sealed along the side flap with double-sided tape, and then the end flaps tucked in. This is a very tight fit for the dining room chair, when I tested it in the old box it was also a light fit.



I am very pleased with the lettering on the label, I am not sure what is under the label on the old box.


Seeing the two boxes together, I can see that the pink area needs to be a bit darker, but other than that I am quite pleased.  It is quite difficult when working using scanned pictures and Photoshop to get the colour correct.


I have had a go at some other boxes too.



For more examples of Triang/Spot-On Furniture, visit my board on Pintrest:






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