A Visit to Milestones Living History Museum

Recently I paid a visit to the Milestones Museum of Living History in Basingstoke. It recreates streets representing those found in Victorian and 1930’s Hampshire.  You can take a trip back in time walking through streets with shops, factories, houses, vintage vehicles, and even a Gales Brewery Pub where you can stop for a pint.


Milestones Living History Museum Basingstoke
Milestones Living History Museum Basingstoke


There are various shops with great displays in the windows.

Co-op Shop Window

This is a very interesting little Triang Lorry I saw in the Toy Shop window.   I would like to find out more about it.

Toy Shop Window
Toy Shop Window

There was also some nice little pieces of Dolls House Vintage furniture, and a Stockbroker Dolls House.


The room displays were especially interesting, I loved this kitchen.


And guess what I found, it made my day,  a G Plan Wing Settee and Chairs.




The Milestone Living Museum is well worth a visit, with great displays and collections of every day items, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and cookers.  It was amazing how many I recognised from my childhood, maybe not so good as it made me feel old.

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Visit the Milestones Living History Website for more information.





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