Fun with Fimo

I thought I would give making food from Fimo again, there are so many Tutorials on the Web now, either written or on YouTube.  I bought everything I needed, watched videos, read articles, got tips.  I was ready to go.  How do these people make it look so easy, how do they stay so clean, or I should say how do I get myself in  such a mess.  The trouble is I see something and think I can do that, but I just need to keep it simple.


Trying to force white Fimo mixed with Liquid Fimo through an icing tube, is a very messy process.  I wanted to make a Pavlova, my first effort is on the left.  The picture looks ok, but if you saw it in real life, it is a discoloured blob.  The cherries [lets pretend] are small glass beads with coloured liquid fimo.  The Pavlova above has chocolate sauce on a cherry on top.


The cake above is something I am quite pleased with though, to me a triumph.  The white fimo I had tried to squeeze through an icing tube, I spread onto a cake shape. [This was made from bits of previous attemps at cake making] I then decorated it with silver balls, which are the size of a pin head, after it had been baked [At this point I actually think I am baking a cake.] I brushed it with pearl powder, which I do use on my [real] cakes.


Well the above picture is a French Stick, spread with rather rancid looking butter. I did not have quite the right colours to make butter, and added too much translucent Fimo, it looked better before I put it in the oven. The French Stick was made with Fimo mixed with Baking Powder and a little water.  It does give the texture of bread, and with practice would make quite convincing bread.

To see real talent in Miniature Food visit my Pintrest Board



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  1. Great fun! A bit of rancid looking butter always adds interest 🙂


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