Stripping Stockbroker Beams


All the beams on the house have been painted with black matt paint, I am going to remove this, as I want to take it back to wood.  I plan to stain and wax them, rather than paint.

Triang Stockbroker


Triang Stockbroker

The main front panel has one large beam section across the top windows, and one smaller beam panel either side.

Triang Stockbroker

The gable part of the roof has one triangular piece with straight beams coming off it.

Triang Stockbroker

This opening panel goes over the garage.

The beams have come up really well, and I think they will look good left in natural wood.




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  1. This is going to be v interesting – not that I know much about them but I can’t recall seeing one with its beams au naturel, sounds an excellent idea


    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I have now put a furniture scratch cover and wax on them now, and it has realy bought out the grain of the wood.


      1. Very nice! Have you done this before to a Stockbroker style vintage build?


      2. Lee Higgins says:

        I have done a full size Stockbroker before, but never taken one apart like this.

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