SEMI FINISHED [SEMI HALF] STOCKBROKER Well the house is comming together, the roof only needed a little repair, and painting. The one job I hate doing is painting the base, I don’t no why, but alway find it difficult to get a good finish. I used gloss paint, and then finished with a matt varnish,…

Finished Stockbroker Porch

PORCH The Porch was taken apart, and repainted.       As simple as this Porch looks, it was really difficult to put back together again, and a lot of glue was used to hold it together. I used the original nail holes, but the nails would not hold it together any more without glue….

Triang Nursery

This is my first piece of Triang Nursery Furniture. A lovely little playpen, you could say it comes in kit form as it has to be put it together. I did manage to put it back into the box, with room to spare. Many of the boxes are a very tight fit, a wonder they…

The Hinge

This post is inspired from the last one, and the difficulty I have with understand the workings and fitting of a hinge. Mainly for me to refer to, I started by an internet search ‘What is hinge’ ….. Hinge, a Dating App, Introduces Friends of Friends. … That is the premise behind Hinge, the next…

Stockbroker Front Panel

Front Opening Panel   The original small front panel has been over painted in white, with black [hard to remove] paint on the beams. The panel did not have hinges on it you can see the holes in the side of the side wall. The more I look at this house the worse it gets….