Stockbroker Front Door

New Front Door

With my new style Half Stockbroker, the front door is through the porch into the kitchen. The door was not fitted so I don’t have a picture or what it was like originally. It now has a nice coat of dark green paint.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

As with all the hinges, they had a good coat of various paints, I wanted to use as many original parts as I can. So out came my trusty Dremmel fitted with a wire brush wheel I got to work. Some of them were also slightly bent so had to be tapped gently with a hammer to put them back into shape.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

Luckily the door had all its original door furniture, door knocker, letter box and door knob. Being a little dull with age, out came the Dremmel again.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

I am really pleased with how these came up, and are now ready to fit on the door.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

I used the original nails to fit the letter box back into place.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

This is the outside wall with the new front door fitted to it.

Triang Stockbroker Front Door

A view of the door through the newly decorated porch



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