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I have had an Etsy Shop for a few years now, selling a few pieces of Distressed Furniture, Hats, Cake Stands and Vintage Miniature Furniture last year.  It all helps with additional funding for my miniature collection.  I would really like some of the Triang Period Furniture, so will have to start saving my pennies. It’s now  time for a sort out once again, downsizing my Triang Furniture collection, there are only so many dining room chairs and televisions you can put into a house.  I am also selling odd pieces from the Triang Stockbroker I bought earlier on last year and made smaller, I was going to keep them but fast running out of space.

Blue Distressed table

Cake Stand


I have something for sale which maybe of interest to some of you.  Brass Barometer Covers, these can be used as a replacement Fire Grate on a Lines Triang Fireplace.  They are 17mm high and 33mm wide.  The nail holes are in exactly the same place as the originals, the only difference between the two covers that I can see, is that on the flat edges the curves are a slightly sharper shape.

Triang Fireplace

I also have some Reproduction Triang Floral Decals printed on to transparent adhesive backed vinyl.  They are easy to apply, but cutting carefully around the edge of each piece, remove from the backing paper and place in position.  They are made to fit the metal fronted Triang Houses No.50 and No.65.

Triang Floral Decals


Etsy shop
Visit My Etsy Shop – A Miniature Slice of Time

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  1. I am definitely going to have a look.


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