Vintage Doll House Catalogues

I have put some Vintage Dolls House Catalogues onto my website. The Triang ones especially have some very interesting descriptions about the furniture, and the role of a woman in the home.

Triang Spot-On Catalogue 1960

Triang Catalogue 1961

Both of the Triang Catalogue have line drawings, so it is quite difficult to identify the smaller items. There are a few pictures of boxed furniture sets at the back, but it does not state how other furniture within the catalogue is sold.

Triang Spot-On Catalogue 1961

Triang Catalogue 1961


Carolines Home [Barton Toys] Catalogue 1975

Carolines Home 1976

This Catalogue unlike  Triang, has photographs so it is easy to identify each piece of furniture and accessory.  Showing boxed sets and individual carded items.

Peppes Dollhouses – We love Lundby

‘This website describes a piece of Scandinavian design history in miniature, namely Sweden´s unique production of dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and interior furnishings in modern style, which has achieved worldwide renown and prized both by collectors and by Children at play in many countries.’ There is a great selection of catalogues you can download, including Lundby and Caroline’s Home.

While you are on this site take a look at the 3D printing, mimi houses, lamps and furniture.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on the old Triang/Bartons/Caroline’s Home dollshouse furniture of the 60’s and 70’s. I have so many of these pieces in my own childhood dollshouse that my dad made for my 2nd birthday in 1967.
    Some of the pieces are slightly different in design, or different colours, but definitely the same makes and of that era.
    I still have that dollshouse and all the furniture and accessories, going right back to the late 60’s and early-mid 70’s.


    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I find it hard to believe that the toys of my childhood are now collector’s items. You are so lucky to still have your dolls house.


  2. Great catalogues especially the first two from the sixties. Naomi has several of these pieces but even the graphics on these little booklets are beautiful.


    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I like the room display illustrations, it would be nice to recreate them.

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