Triang Cot

It seems to be a good time for shopping on ebay for me. I have been able to find a few pieces of furniture I have been looking for.

Pedigree 8c Cot [1032], this is a doll’s house version of a Pedigree doll’s cot.

Triang Cot 1032

The style of Triang cots I have seen before have been yellow with white drop sides, pink/purple with pink/purple drop sides, all with a bear motif.  The one I have is yellow with brown bar sides, with a lamb motif.  Comparing other pictures of Triang Cots on the internet, it looks correct, but still not sure.  I think therefore that this must be a later model, as in  ‘The Ultimate Book of Spot On Models Ltd.’, it states that the cots with yellow ends and a lamb motif were produced in the Jenny’s Home Range.  It does not say anything about having brown drop sides.

Triang Cot 1032


Triang Cot 1032

The cot is made up of plastic parts, which slot together, with a metal mattress base.  As it comes apart, the same as the Playpen, I am surprised that it came ready made in a box, not like the Playpen which squeezes into a small flat box.

Triang Playpen 1041


Triang Cot 1032

This is once again a very made piece of furniture, although the side rails can be easily broken.

Triang Cot 1032

There is damage to the mattress, I though I had a spare one, but it does not fit and is thicker.  Also it does not have the little pins to hold it in place on the metal frame.

Triang Cot Matress

And so another mistery to solve …..


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  1. Late model or not, it is rather smart isn’t it?


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