Triang Eavestaff Mini Royal Piano

Triang produced a piano for the musically inclined residents of  the Triang dolls house.  The style is taken from the Eavestaff Mini Royal Piano, and Stool produced in the 1960’s.

Picture taken from Manns Music

The Eavestaff Mini Royal Piano,  was one of the first piano manufacturers who designed a piano that would fit into the smaller modern homes.

Piano and Stool 1045
Piano and Stool 1045

This is probably a later model of the piano, as it is made of two different coloured shades of brown.  It still has its little golden pedals intact

Piano and Stool 1045

Piano and Stool 1045

The seat of the piano stool lifts up, to store your sheet music in.

Piano and Stool 1045

The lid covering the piano keys lifts up, and tucks neatly under the top lid.

Piano and Stool 1045

When the top lid is opened the strings of the piano can be seen.

Piano and Stool 1045

Top view looking down into the piano, there is quite a lot of detail inside.

Piano and Stool 1045

On the inside of the piano lid is embossed with the maker’s name Eavestaff.

Piano and Stool 1045

This is another one of the few furniture items that are marked as being made by Tri-ang.


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  1. What a beautiful and intricate item! Many thanks for sharing


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