Painting the Triang Ultra Modern


This little house has taken a long time to complete, I have got carried away with other projects, and done bits and pieces to this house as and when.   I really must try to concentrate on one thing at a time and not get sidetracked [Don’t think this will ever happen.]

Triang Ultra Modern

The base has been sanded, and the wallpaper removed.

As I had to buy a whole can of green spray paint to do the window frames, it seemed a good idea to use it on the base of the house.

Triang Ultra Modern

The house has been masked off along the edges of the rooms, and then covered with paper to protect the rest of the house. [I knew I would find a use for that awful wood chip wallpaper.] This is a very messy process, especially when I am involved.

Triang Ultra Modern Green Paint

The spray paint I used was made by ‘Plasti Kote’, the colour was Forest Green. It is meant to be used on metal, but worked well on the wood, it was easy to apply giving an even coat.

Triang Ultra Modern

As you can see from the picture above painting is now complete, inside and out. It has taken me a long time and many coats of Soft Cream Silk Paint.

Triang Ultra Modern

Triang Ultra Modern
Triang Ultra Modern

Very slowly, this lovely little house is coming back to life.

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  1. Pat king says:

    It looks beautiful, I’ve been wondering how this project was going, so pleased to see the progress,I would love an ultra modern. I’ve recently finished my stockbroker,and I’m working on a Tri ang 60, so tiny in comparison. Keep the posts going, they keep me inspired . Pat


    1. Lee Higgins says:

      It has taken ages to do, and it is not a big house. I spent a lot of time removing the paint it was hard work.


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